Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sleighbells ring, are you listening? In the lane, SNOW is GLISTENING** 0:)


It's snowing up a BLIZZARD outside in the DMV area (DC/MD/VA). Holy fuck! It's coming down so freakin' hard! I thought we were going to get, like, maybe 2 inches...3 at the most? And so far, it's past 8 INCHES!!! We're expected to get another 12?? That's what the news says. Wow, hahahah, there goes my plans to hit up the mall for my last bit of holiday shopping. Ain't NO way I'm going to Tyson's in this condition.
Look how much snow accumulated just in my tiny little backyard! I just wanna fall in on top of it and make fat SNOW ANGELS! 0:) (It's too bad I'm waaay too sick to be outside, *sigh*)
Loook! I can't even see my sidewalk anymore. It's well over ONE FOOT OF SNOW in my neighborhood, AT LEAST!!! And the snow storm is stilll hitting us HARD. It's not going to relent until 6am EST tomorrow for Sunday morning. Aww shucks, I'm going to have to haul ass early tomorrow to shovel my way out, goshdarn. :X

Poor little pot of tree of mine! It's absolutely gorgeous*** in the spring/summer. It has really pretty pink blossoms that bees go crazy over (damn things!). And now poor tree is holding onto whatever few leaves it can manage. So sad, lol.

So yeah...don't know how much you can see, but lemme tell ya this. I'M EXCITED!!! I hope everything is cancelled on Monday. My work place just closed completely today, not that I was scheduled for work, lol. But since the holiday season has been so chaotic lately, we've been working so long and hard (beyond our hours for the scheduled deadlines). So this is giving me HOPE!! *fingers crossed* I feel so lazy on days like in point, refer below:

I just wanna *cudddddleee* and drink hot chocolate and have little, fizzy marshmallow moustaches that tickle my nose. Is that too much to ask for? Lol! I have nobody real (as in human) to cuddle with, since my poor babe bf's neighborhood is usually the very LAST to get the snow trucks to plow through. So he's stuck there, his dumb Lexus can't drive for shit in this inclement weather. That's what I DON'T GET! All these luxury cars ARE FUCKING USELESS in snow. He might just have to get this dad's 4-wheel drive red-neck truck going, lol.

Stupid car that makes him not be able to spend $$$$$ on me anymore! Lol! I kid, I kid. Seriously, I kid. I'm a hardworking, independent lady. I don't need nobody's money! From how I grew up, money only implies that there are serious conditions that are attached. So I always feel fruity if I take anybody's money. You know what I mean??

Oh yeh, my ex's dad (who oddly enough, still tries to keep in contact with me) sent me the funniest thing ever!
I want to do this to my credit card company now! Lol, the RIDICULOUS hike in interest rate is STAGGERING!! How do they possibly expect ppl to pay off it in FULL? A lot of families are going through some rough times right now, and I keep them in my prayers. We are fortunate enough to still have our houses, cars, jobs, etc etc. I know not many others can say the same, so my heart aches when I see douchbag Corporate Exec's getting $1million dollar holiday bonuses. I hope they fucking choke on their caviar, fucking numnuts.

Ok, I'm seriously getting bored. I'm gonna try and find something productive to do for the rest of the day. To everyone else who's in the same SNOW STORM situation as me, HOLD STRONG!!! YouTube and beauty blog until your fingers bleed and your eyes start to see dizzling stars swirling around! ^_~

I'm gonna leave y'all with my favorite beauty inspiration!

I love this last pic of her. This is EXACTLY how I look in the summer. I love being a bum. :X
I'm gonna hibernate until summer comes *sigh* Jk! I'm just gonna be thinking this in my head for the rest of the winter months
Ciao, all you beautiful bellas! =) Leave me some love while I tough this storm out!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanks to all! =D

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my previous post!

I felt a whole lot better after reading everyone's advice. I did just that. I chose to ignore them! And guess what? For the most part, the two of them have relented with their incessant "talking-behind-the-back"/hateration, lol, if you want to call it that. That black girl stopped almost altogether. The only problem is that stupid guy! I think he's obsessed with me?? I can't believe a year ago, to this exact month, me and that guy were considered "close" friends. I don't understand how a DUDE is more emotional/dramatic than a real girl *smh* But after some things happened, our relationship has completely changed. And now it seems as though he's still holding some kind of grudge against me.....

ANYWAY, I'm just going to focus on the positives! And I'm so grateful that anyone would even choose to read my silly little blog, much less help me by giving advice. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what I had in mind when I set this blog thingy up. I'm really private as a person, it's just in my nature. So I don't know why I set this blog up. I think it's my safe little haven to sort out my thoughts and feelings?

Ok, so I know I'm a bit behind on this whole Taeyang bandwagon! But he's really entertaining to watch, not too bad on the eyes either!

This has been playing NON-STOP on my laptop, as of late. He actually looks a lot like my ex. It's creepy when I watch the video. Uggh, but let's hope he's not as much of a douchebag as my ex was. I love the song!!!! It makes you many times have you wanted to let someone know how much you cared/like them, only to have the timing be way off?? It's happened to me before, and vice-versa (a guy who liked me but was too late in confessing). Lemme just's gotta be the WORST feeling.

I know, I'm not exactly posting this entry in a methodical or systematic format. But I'm just pretty much ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) when it comes to this. I'm quite *literally* just typing it out exactly as my soon as my thoughts form inside my head!!! Bear with me, ladies!

So what does everyone want for their X-Mas Wish List? I don't want anything!! Isn't that weird? Everything I want, I pretty have. Or, I can just get it on my own. So I can't think of anything to put on my wish list! I told my bf that he can pretty much get me anything from Victoria's Secret or anything that deals with food (me is a fatty!!)

Damn, I wish I looked as good as Ana Beatriz. WOULD ANYONE HERE EVER CONSIDER SURGERY?? I have been thinking about that lately. Not exactly sure why. But you know how when you're feeling "blah" or something, you'll play with make-up? I think make-up is the best invention ever! You can look like somebody different everyday!! I feel bad for guys, because they always look the same no matter what (short of getting a haircut). But with us, it's awesome! Through the power of a little powder and lipstick, you can choose which character you get to be for the day!! Anyway, funny story, I was *thisclose* to getting nose surgery when I was 19. But everyone in my family was so adamant that I shouldn't go through with the procedure. I'm kinda glad that I didn't...I think a girl's imperfections are what make her so unique and different.

Anyone ever watch "PARIS BY NIGHT" (it's this Vietnamese music series that comes out on video/DVD every couple of months that stars the most famous Vietnamese singers/entertainers)? Well, EVERYBODY IN THERE LOOKS THE FREAKIN' SAME! With the same eyes, same noses, same mouth. It's probably because they get the surgery done by the same doctor. I actually feel weirded out/sad when I watch PBN with my mom. There's no diversity in terms of the singers' physical appearances...all you Viet peeps know exactly what I'm talking about!

I'm really HUNGRY right now! But I can't eat.... :( *sigh* I have this stupid rule that I can't eat after 8pm, EVER!! So I'm just going to have to wait until tomorrow...does anybody have that same rule? Definitely craving some dim-sum!

Well, this post was so freakin' random! Hahaha, hope I didn't waste anybody's time! :p

Gonna leave you with this funny pic of me. My bf makes fun of me whenever I wear this coat. He says I look like an ESKIMO. Hmm?? Really?? Think so?

It's been soooo BRRRRRR COLD in DC lately. I literally have to wear 2 pairs of socks at the same time ('cuz my feet is always, always freezing!) and it's still somehow NOT enough!?! What's a girl to do?

Until next time, I wish you a wonderful and safe holiday! To all of those still taking classes, GOOD LUCK on your finals! You all can do it! Kick some ASS!!! :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And even when I was close to defeat, I rose to my feet

Hey, you guys.

It's been awhile. I know I usually try not to get too personal on my blog, but that's just because I'm a really private person. Well, I've been having a really ROUGH I just wanted to come on here and vent.

I have been having a lot of difficulties on work. I swear, some ppl seem as though they never get outside of that "high-school" mentality. Ppl at my work like to bicker, gossip, spread rumours, etc. And it seems I'm caught in the brunt of it all. It sucks, I don't mind when it's just one or two (cuz you know there are always going to be a hater present). But it seems to be vibing off everyone and everyone just wants to get in and get on the action.

There's this one girl at my work, who just seems OBSESSED with me. I have never done anything to her! I barely even talk to girls, since I like to just chill with the guys there. They have never given me any trouble whatsoever. Well, my best friend at work (who is a guy, duh! So his view is more mellow and logical) told me it's cuz she's jealous of me. But I'm thinking, FOR WHAT!!! We all are equals at the work place. At least, that's how I always operate under that assumption. No one is above anyone else. We all took this job on with the same duties and responsibilities! So I have no idea why she's trying to go around and get ppl to turn against me. Seriously, it's just her and her Ghanian bf (who tries to play off like they're just "friends"...which is strange to me, in and of itself. Why not make it public? Are you really ashamed to be associated with her??) try to talk smack and make things complicated for me.

But the sucky thing is that a guy that works there (that used to be really close to me) is getting in on this drama, too. Just yesterday as I was working....they both were in front of me (we were only separated by a shelf that's in front of me. It's hard to explain how the workplace is set up...but just think of it as a work bench that you work at in a science lab). And they were LITERALLY TALKING ABOUT ME RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. Albeit, they were trying to keep it hush-hush whisper. But I have excellent selective hearing! I could hear everything! Basically they were talking about how I'm ignoring that girl and why am I doing such a thing? Who do I think I am? And he was just going on about how I'm the one that told on her to the Superior about how lazy she is (cuz she is!)

There's seriously nothing more disheartening when you give it your 110% at your job, only to turn around and see ppl who are at 40% operating capacity. It's like they're taking a leeching off of you! They're leeching off of your hard work, to compensate for their lack of self-motivation and laziness. That hurts, man. Maybe I put too much of my all into my job, because that's just the way that I was raised. I come from a hard-working, rags-to-riches family. I was always given a "time-out" if I didn't give it my best, whether it came to homework or household chores.

But anyway, I'm still upset. But I'm starting to realize, that no matter how nice/professional/rational I am towards certain ppl....they may not always reciprocate the very same back towards me. I can't control ppl and how they view/treat me...but at least I can change how I respond back, right? At least that's what I keep telling myself. I have no choice but to continue being the bigger person here. I didn't say anything back while they were talking about me, because I JUST KNEW I would flip the fuck out!!! I'm the kind of person who can't control my emotions completely once I've reached my boiling point. So I just took a deep breath and tried to do my job, all the while ignoring them. It was really hard, though, cuz they talked about it for a WHOLE HOUR! Like, wow. Are you THAT OBSESSED with me?? Lol, I'm kinda flattered that I can get them riled up like that.

Sorry to bore you all...but that has been on my mind. And I just want to hear y'all's opinions. Am I doing the right thing by not confronting them? Because I have already confronted these two individuals before. I'm the kind of person that likes to talk things out like adults. I like to conquer the problems as soon as they arise. But once again, these ppl don't seem to fully understand. Like, once I've already talked it out with you...I'm assuming we've already SQUASHED the problems. So there should be no problems in the future! We don't have to like each other. Hell, I wouldn't be friends with ANY of the ppl at my work place (except for my best guy-friend), but at least I'm very civil and respectful towards them.

So please, just tell me if any of you have ever encountered the same sort of situation.**

Anyway, back to my previous entry...I'm not going to go too detailed since this is already a long enough post. But I'm just gonna list the HITS/MISSES. Spend your money on the HITS! And save your $$ for the MISSES! (Which were the items that I had to return back to Sephora after trying them out for about 2 weeks)

The MISSES were:
-Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation - RF 140 (it looked way TOO UNNATURAL on me! It was really chalky and pasty on my skin...I'm already pale as it is, but this made me look like a walking corpse. Definitely not a good look for the winter! I'm sure it works on some ppl's skin, but I'm just referencing this to my OWN experience).

-Benefit Cosmetics Get Even - 01 (light) --> It was WAY TOO LIGHT! It actually oxidizes throughout the day, so by the end of the day...your skin is kinda orangey. It makes your skin oily, too. Which is weird. I thought powders were supposed to prevent that sort of thing. That's why you'd powder your forehead/nose/chin, right? But anyway, I heard that the "Medium" shade was actually not too bad. But the "Light" shade didn't fare such great ratings on

The rest of the other products were HITS! I really love the Urban Decay Brow Box - Honey Pot! For all of you eyebrow fanatics, this is definitely something that you must stock in your makeup box! It got really good rating on makeupalley, so I'm glad that I listened and got it! And the Sephora Professionel Brush IS AMAZING!!!!! A HG!!! The bristles are so soft and it gives such flawless application. The only down-side that I can think of is that it doesn't pack on too much powder at a time. But that can also be a good thing! That way, you don't put too much on your face! Cuz it's hard to "un-do" too much pigment on your face. It's easier to slowly layer it on, layer-by-layer.

So yeah, those are just my thoughts! Hope it helps you all! Ask me in the "Comments" section if you have any further questions, or if I wasn't clear enough. I'm sorry, but my heart is in a really low place right now with all this drama. You just have to understand, I spend 80% of my time at work, I work F/T -- Mondays thru Fridays--- sometimes over 40+ hours a week. So yeah, it's hard to escape from all of the stress and pressure.

Anyway, too much writing, onto the pics!

Here's me last Sunday. I wanted to try a new eyeliner method, extending the eyeliner past my inner-eye corner. My hair is messy. You can see the ga-jillion bobby pins sticking out! I have no idea what style to cut to. So most of the time, I pull my bangs back and just stick my hair into a bun! Easy, simple, done!

And here are some pics when I was in NYC. I was finally able to find out the hype surrounding Joe's Shanghai (which is known for their dumplings!)

Here I am at one of the bars. I never realized, but NYorkers loooooove their bar-hopping! Lol, fun experience since I'm not one to drink that much. But here, I was really sick. I think something at the Joe's Shanghai didn't sit right with my stomach. So I didn't feel so great. :/
And btw, that Joe's Shanghai was not even that great! Poor service since they were a packed-house! The dumplings were too sour in my opinion. They put too much vinegar sauce inside the dumplings. So I was drinking so much water!!
Here's a pic of the whole gang that I was with that night. We had fun!

Hahaha, my favorite pic of the night! This is how you usually find me...KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT. This was when we were at our 3rd bar of the night during our bar-hopping adventure. I guess I'm a light-weight, lol.

Anyway, here's the pic that I've been drooling over. I love this woman!! My dad is obsessed with her, and that's how I got my name! =)

Beautiful, huh? She's really CLASSIC beauty! She's what I think a real woman should look like. Not only was she volumptious, but she always maintained an elegant aura about her. Damn, I gotta stuff my tongue back inside my face from the drooling. ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More damage than the worst storm

So I've been so bad...ever since I found out the code for the Sephora sale, I've made a total of 3 transactions. I've spent well over $400! Holy cow! But it's the Asian in me....trying to make the best out of a good "sale", lol. I'm stocking up and hoarding like it's Y2K all over again!

This is the third order I've's my goodies:

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation - RF 140 (I've heard so many great things about this product. You can check out the review on: )

Illamasqua Satin Primer SPF 20 - 1 oz
Lancome CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base - Mascara Base
(I've found this to be one of the best mascara primers yet! It's even better than the Shiseido one, which I discovered was quite drying on my lashes...and you girlies know I'm allllll about THE LASHES!!!)

Lancome HYPNÔSE - Custom Volume Mascara - Black

Urban Decay Brow Box - Honey Pot (I have not yet tried this....but I read mostly great reviews on , so I thought it wouldn't hurt to give this a try!)

Sephora Brand Professionnel Platinum Air Brush #55 - Professionnel Platinum Air Brush (This received EXCELLENT reviews, I'm so excited to try this bad baby out!!!!)

Benefit Cosmetics Get Even - 01 (light)

Sephora Brand Mineral Double Compact Foundation SPF 10 - D10

So yeah, all in all...I'm quite excited to receive this shipment! The amazing thing is since I live out on the East Coast, shipping is lightning-fast for me! I usually get the shipment in no longer than 2 days! =D

Eeeee, I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas to come again. So remember, ladies, you have until Nov. 2nd to take full advantage of your 20% off entire purchase.

*************Just use the code: FF2009

What have you guys ordered? Any recommendations? I need all y'all's HG products, things you absolutely, positively CANNOT live without!! Help me out *grin* :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Share the love!

As you guys all well know, it's that time of the year again!

Yay!!! Sephora's Friends and Family Sale! Use the code: FF2009 for a good time. ;O)

I already had my order down-pat, I just had to log on yesterday to purchase! Was it only me, but goddang! The server was slooooooow as hell. I was getting quite impatient. It's a good thing I already knew what I wanted, otherwise, just to browse would have been a heart-attack waiting to happen.

I just got a few things, there's no point in going too crazy, lol. The holidays are coming up, after all, gotta spend $$$ on others beside myself (as much as I do love me! :) )

The Sephora Brand Make-Up Palette (in Warm Tone) looked pretty neat, I'm not sure how great the quality, in terms of staying power or pigmentation will be like...but it looks nice to have in my ever-growing make-up collection! It consists of: 8 (eight) eyeshadows, 4 (four) lip glosses, and a blush.

The second thing I got was the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Microperfecting Primer. I got this product in blue! I read/saw it on another beauty blogger's site! She was raving about it, so I figured...why the heck not give it a try? It claims to "add radiance to fair skin and reduce minor imperfections". Hey, ain't nuthin' wrong with that! ;P

The last thing I got was the CARGO PlantLove Lipstick in the color "Grace". Such a beautiful color! I can't seem to find it at any of my local Sephora's anymore, as this was in fact, a limited-edition product. Oh, the powers that be through "online shopping"! Totally in my favor! :)

Ok, so I just wanted to leave you guys with something slightly disturbing...

This is my REAL, NATURAL LASHES. I shit you not! No falsies~ I don't even know how to put that shit on. I'm gonna tell you the secret that I already told you before in my previous word: Lilash!!! That thing is cur-rayy-zeee! The only thing I have on my lash is the Christian Dior DiorShow Mascara (which in and of itself, is a-mazing!) So if any of you had doubt, this serum seriously, seriously will strengthen/enhance any ol' wimpy lashes, even Asian lashes!

Here's another shot:

Incredible, huh? Go out and buy it now! I feel like they ought to be paying me for being their unoffical spokesperson *cheesy grin* Alright, I gotta go run and do some errands. Forgive me if there are any glaring grammatical/sentence structural errors. No time to proofread! Bye, ladies!

P.S. I lied. I have to put in one funny story that made my night yesterday! So I went home, tired after a long day of work, logged onto my email account. Guess wtf I received?

Some freakin' idiot emailed me with a message:

"Fugitive looking for a woman with fast car"

WOW, IS THIS DUDE FORREAL? LMAO, it just made me bust out laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face. Why me? I'm certainly no "Fast and Furious" kinda girl. I hope he finds the right girl for him to do whatever it was that he was planning to carry out. Godbless, lol.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looking for a vampire, willing to spare blood

Hahaha, I just had to share with you this pic my bf took of me. (At the time he did it, though, I certainly was in noo mood.) Here's how it unfolded:

Bf: "Boo, can I touch your boobies?"

Me: "FUCK OFF. I'm not in the mood!"

Bf: *sad pouty face* "Please???"

Me: *exasperated sigh* "Leave me alone...I'm only going to say it once..."

Then he proceeds to retrieve the Yellow Care Bear (which is supposed to represent him, we also bought/have another Pink Care Bear that is supposed to represent me) and places it next to me, with its arm extended out toward my chest. And then he grabs the camera to take a pic of me.

He always does that! For some reason, it amuses him so much! I swear, I'm not even lying! I once looked through his phone and in his photo directory, there was a collection of pics of me in various stages of anger, sneers, frowns, pouts, and anything else "ugly face" you can think of! How ruuuuude is this man!

I make such an ugly face...and you know what's even more sad? I realize that I make this face whenever a STRANGER (especially a male) looks at me----whether it be out on the road when I'm behind the wheel of my car, or something as plain as grocery shopping.

I HATE PPL STARING. I get it if you accidentally look around and lock eyes with someone randomly...but that eye contact should last no more than 2 seconds...MAX! This is usually the face I return if I catch you looking at me. I'm so mean, huh? Haha, that's gonna be my New Year's Resolution then. Smile more often!!!

On a brighter note, has anyone been catching The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights (CW Channel)? Ommg, Stefan is so freakin' HOT!! That's gonna be my goal...find me a NICE, SWEET hot vampire bf that WOULDN'T be mean enough to take pictures of me when I'm in a grumpy or low-spirited mood. :) Yes...that would be nice....verrrry nice indeed.

Coooome to meeee, Stefan Salvatore!

P.S. For all you Twilight fans, check out the Vampire Diaires by L.J. Smith. This series was actually written a whole DECADE before Twilight was even the big hit that it is today. I definitely recommend this series to you guys who are done with the entire Twilight series and need to have you Vampire love/action fix! You won't be disappointed, promise you!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Get OFF MY nuts, you creep!!!

EEEEEeeeeee. I'm sitting here trying to study for my last summer course and there's this FUCKING CREEPY ass motherfucker...he's been sitting here for the past 45 minutes....just *staring at me* I'm so fucking irritated. I just want to smack him in the face. I glance back with the dirtiest looks that I can muster. Ugh...I have to wait some more for my girlfriend to come because I promised I would help her with studying. Technically I'm not worried at all for the final. I got an A on the first 2 exams already so it's not going to be too bad for me.

It's Friday and I just wish I could go out and party and have fun whatever kids these days my age are doing. But NOPE. I'm stuck inside the university library. It's looking really cloudy and dreary outside as well. Oh well...I'm not going to complain. I know there are a lot of less fortunate ppl who are probably stuck working dead-end jobs who wished they could be taking classes to stimulate their minds. I'm gonna tough this one out!

Oh yeah, next Thursday is going to be me and my boyfriend's 2-year anniversary. Maaaan, time sure flew us by!!! I just remember yesterday when I first met him at the party and how shy he was when I came up to him (hahaha, yeahhh, I really have no inhibitions. I don't hold back!). And now look--2 years later and I'm still the talkative one that won't shut up while he listens to me, hahahah.

So I'm planning a trip for us to Shennandoah Valley. I love it there! I haven't been there since I was in the 6th grade. They have Lurray Caverns there and it's just so beautiful and majestic. I'm a HUGE fan of scenary even though I may not like the outdoors so much. But if the scenary is just breath-taking, I don't even notice the nuisances of being outside (bugs everywhere--ick, overwhelming sun and humidity in VA is NO FUCKING joke!)

Umm...I was going to put up some pictures of Lurrary Caverns (which is basically an underground cave) but they looked so freaking scarrrry! Now I remember....back when I went here, I was literally hyperventilating. Once you walk down the stairs to go underground...the air just changes. It's chilly (note to self: bring cardigan to throw over tank-top) and just so utterly dark. If you don't keep up pace with the tour guide, you're literally left scrambling in the dark trying to keep up with the tour group. I'm going to be scared for sure once I go underground. I am so claustrophobic!!! *shudders* But my bf has never been there before, and it IS quite an experience so that's why I planned this upcoming trip.

Ok, back to my studying and the stupid FUCKING CREEP that is still staring. I'll leave you with a pic of me taken with my iPhone (so pardon the shitty quality). Ugh, I was facing the opposite dirxn where the sun was FULL BLAST in my face so I pulled down the visor but the ambient light must've somehow reflected still into my eyes...faaaaaail. *sigh*

I really need to invest in a cameral...any suggestions what takes a clear and high-quality photo and has video capabilities? I'm not so technologically-inclined so ANY suggestions would be truly, truly appreciated. I'm thinking of purchasing a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Camera. Anybody have this and can tell me how good it is?

P.S. I loooooove old Hollywood Glamour!! Man, this generation really has no style...just fucking sass and crass style. It's a real shame...I wish I could travel back in time just to be able to witness such beauty and elegance.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hiiiii! How's everyone doing? I've been so RIDICULOUSLY busy lately!!!

Not only am I taking 2 summer classes (can you imagine cramming what you would normally learn in a course of 4 months, is now condensed into only 1 month?!!! Both of these classes are at the same time as well, so I'm in major major GEEK mode right now), but I am also working my regular job as well as an internship I manage to secure in DC. Whoooop. I love being this busy. I remember a few weeks ago, I actually had ONE WHOLE day off to myself....and I didn't even know what to do with myself!!! GeeZ...oh yeah, I went on a job interview today as well. I'm trying to work 3 jobs altogether once school is over and done with me for good. Hehehe, I know...crazy girl, huh? I'm SO HUNGRY to do something with myself and all this energy I have contained within myself. I want to make it big in DC!!! $$$ and power. You guys have no idea how I'm on THAT paper trail. Hahaha....
Anyway, gotta get back to my studying and *ssshhhh* eBay online shopping. I'm hooked on vintage blazers!!

Bye and much love to you all!!!

This was me in DC last Sunday. I had soooo much fun just wandering around and enjoying the entire lazy day. I hope many more is to come for this summer! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sooo...I'm just lounging around. I really ought to be doing my flashcards for my Human Physiology course. But I'll just do that after dinner. Yes, I eat late! Lol. So in the 20 minutes that I essentially f*ked around, doing nothing but shopping online. Here are all of the things I just bought from (boredom= wasting $$ online)

I bought this and I'm going to pair with with the vest that I also got from Forever 21. I'm not sure what shoes I will wear with this outfit. I will have to make it heels just to spice it up. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I bought the tank top down below because I think it could go with my frilly
mini-skirt that I also bought from Forever 21 a few weeks
ago! I usually don't wear so much black, so I have no idea
what the heck is going on with me! :p

I bought the strapless Rose Petal Print Dress because it looks very sophisticated. My style is not normal that nice, lol. I used to wear a lot of pink, and as I have stated in my previous post. I am honestly trying to tone down on any colors that are neon or B R I G H T, just because I feel that I am at that age where it's better to look simplistic and classic. I was thinking of pairing this dress with some edgy (hey, who says that simplistic has to equate with being "boring"? Mix it up a bit, baby!)

These gloves are fingerless at the tops. I don't know! I'm just really attracted to these set of gloves for some odd reason. It just keeps a dress from looking too BLAAAHHHHH. =]

But don't fret! I'm not just buying all of these clothes for the sake of going out! I also bought an outfit for my internship in D.C. (Yay! I got it!) I wanted to look serious and professional but at the same time, keep true to my youthful essence (after all, I may not be an 18-year-old anymore, but whose to say that I gotta dress like my grandma? Lol)
What do you guys think of this outfit I put together?

And then I got a simple basic white tank top to put underneath it, since the cardigan sort of runs shorter than I'd like.

I already had one that's similar to this, but for some's like one of the laws of the universe. I always manage to spill stupid stuff (coffee, ketchup, soup, etc. You name it! I've spilled it on me before!) ALLL over me. I'm the most clumsiest, most oblivious person ever. So I don't even know when I've spilled something all over me. I'm, like, walking around and someone has to take the time aside to point out the stains to me. *chuckle* I need help...seriously.

And to top it off...I got accessories for myself. Yay! So many treats:

Suuuuch a cute Hello Kitty key cover!! *squeals*

Now I don't have to worry about finding my house key anymore. Literally, I have 10 keys on my sets of keychains and it's such a bitch to try to locate my house key. Especially, when you come home from a night of drinking and all the keys begin to look the same. I stupidly fumble around with all my keys, trying to insert it into the door lock and it takes me FOREVER to get it. Haha, don't act like it's never happened to you guys! :)

Anyway...that's been my little shopping expedition today. I want sooooo much more clothes!!!!!
Can't wait to hit up Tyson's after all of my finals are done!!! That shall be my special treat to myself. I'm not sure what to buy anymore. I have so much clothes. I was cleaning out my closet to help donate all of my old clothes to a charity. I had to throw out my Burberry, Armani, and Polo clothing because sadly...I don't fit most of them anymore. Gaaah, I hate gaining even 5 lbs. It throws my entire wardrobe off!! Well, I really should get back to my books. Because of my stupid f*cking classes, I can't be at the Patriot Center. T-Pain is performing at my university right now!!!! >:(

Oh wells...sacrifices must be made sometimes...for the sake of the outcome. Byes you guys!!!

Much love!! *kisses*